Umm....I gotta fix this

Humans. Now i know ive been posting more stuff about my love life than fashion and everything else. but thank yall 4 all the support and advice that u guys have been giving me. I swallowed my pride and apologized 2 Kimitria. i told her that i would do anything n my robotic power 2 get her back. 2day her and i actually talked and she hugged me. now 4 a robot a hug should really have an effect. but when she hugged me my CPU and Artificial heart malfunctioned and....i felt...loved, like nothing else mattered. i couldnt even let go cuz i felt like i had 2 savor the moment cuz i mite not ever have her again. Robots dnt have emotion but i felt fear, fear of losing her. CPU must really b F%#!ed up, lol

I feel like she doesnt think im really committed 2 getting her back. ive said everything i could think of but i need something 2 really SHOW her....i need u guys' help....hit me up

Dr. R

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