Official "Download Activated" tee Available

Watup Humans. Dr. R here, ive been in the lab everyday this month coming up with some good stuff. Rite now i'm getting ready for the moment i have been waiting for since my usb cord was detached from my motherboard. The official drop of Robotic Infantry Clothing!!! Ive been getting alot of support and advice about my line. But know I need the biggest favor i could ever ask for (other than asking 4 some DNA 2 clone u) I need everyone 2 show their support by buying the official "Download Activated" tee. i know times r kinda hard rite now so ive made the shirt so that everyone can afford it. ill b posting the link later 2day so keep a look out.

And i wanna give a special shoutout 2 Cam "Chaos Theory" Johnson of the blog Tunnel Vision.

U dnt know how much I appreciate what you did 4 me nd my line.

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