Just 2 let the world know...

watup humans! im back again 2day 4 a special reason. As ya'll know ive been involved wth a girl name KIMITRIA CURNEY! yesterday we broke up like i told ya'll. in a nutshell....I F$%#ed UP ROYALLY! i handled something the wrong way and now she cant trust me. This post is specifically 4 her. but i want all of my readers 2 hear this..

Kimitria im sorry. I know ive told u this but im sorry. U have been the best thing 2 come n2 my life since Jesus and Fashion. Ur ma world. I messed up big time. and i take 100% lame 4 all that happened. Baby i know u said u cant just take me back, but im digitally on my knees askin u 2 take me back n ur life. i wont disappoint u. EVER! u bring the best outta me. Hell Ive designed some of the dopest clothes while ive been with u. I love u and i hope u can 4give me nd take me back....Mama

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